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Continuous Fermenting Machine

McCloy Continuous Fermenting Machine can give high throughput up to 2400 kgs withered leaf per hour depending on the size of the machine, spread thickness, and fermenting time.

The machine is only 4'6" high from the ground level, easy to supervise, clean & maintain.


PES grade imported nylon woven fabric belt with 49% open area ensures even fermentation across the tea bed and better infusions. Available in width upto 8ft favouring wider machines with shorter lengths due to space constraints in some tea factories 

A sturdy variable speed drive facilitates wide variation in fermenting time from 80 Minutes to 120 Minutes.

A suitable feed conveyor with synchronized speed arrangement is provided for uniform controlled feeding, which automatically enhances the performance of the machine.

An aerodynamically designed plenum chamber with suitable air duct facilitates uniform distribution of humidified air throughout the effective area of the machine to ensure uniform distribution of air and thereby resulting in even and perfect fermentation.

A suitable designed Humidifier made from Stainless steel sheets is supplied as an integral part of this machine which helps in maintaining the required hygrometric difference which is very crucial & important.

 A dynamically balanced centrifugal fan suitably designed to supply the humidified air from the humidifier to the air duct through the ducting system, is provided to maintain controlled and desired conditions.

 A self cleaning easily removable brush to continuously clean the belt is provided.

The tea bed is uniformly and evenly designed and maintained throughout the length of the fermentor. All parts are easily accessible for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. No accumulation or spillage of tea.

This machine is virtually maintenance free compared to tray type fermentators, which require expensive maintenance or replacement with much longer down time.

A composite centralized control panel is provided for easier and faster controls and operations.

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