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  • Design throughput is 600kg made tea per hour at 2.8 - 3.0% Moisture Content from fermented leaf of 68 - 70% withers.
  • Drier Evaporation rate of 1340 kg of water vapour per hour.
  • Minimum boiler steam pressure required to operate drier 9.0 bar
  • Total connected power 95hp
  • Average running load 72.hp
  • Steam consumption 2.9kg/kg Made Tea
  • Ball breaker fitted at the feed end of drier
  • Wet end floor plate is vibratory while Mid and Dry end floor plates are fixed but with adjustable weirs.
  • Three (3) nos – 20hp x 1440 rpm x 3ph Main Centrifugal fans complete with swirl dampers for Wet, Mid and Dry end.
  • Three (3) nos Cyclones size 66 fitted with 3nos 38”Ø Axial flow fans complete with 10HP x 1440RPM x 3PH for Wet, Mid and Dry end respectively.
  • Where space is a major constraint instead of our standard cyclones we supply twin cyclone size 45 but using the same 3nos x 10HP x 1440RPM x 3PH Axial Flow Fans for Wet, Mid and Dry end cyclone respectively.
  • Plenum chamber in mild steel 1.5mm thick with mineral wool insulation and cladded with galvanized sheet to minimize heat loss.
  • Access doors fitted on plenum chambers for cleaning and repairs
  • Plenum chamber and Exhaust Hoods all in stainless steel AISI 304 food grade – 1.5mm thick
  • Wet, mid and dry end cyclones are made is Stainless steel AISI 304 food grade – 1.5mm thick
  • Wet and mid end chimneys are made in Stainless steel AISI 304 food grade – 1.5mm thick while the dry end is made in galvanized sheet – 1.5mm thick
  • Feed conveyor is food quality PVC belt
  • Steam fittings for the 3 heat exchangers are make - Spirax Sarco UK for efficient heat transfer and prompt condensate drainage.
  • Electric control panel c/w main isolator, MCB’s, contactors, overloads, remote start/stop buttons and indicator lights.
  • The drier takes a floor area of 10.68m long x 7.70m wide excluding the feed conveyor

Total Connected Power

Main 710 Fans 3nos x 20HP 60 HP
Cyclone Fans 3nos x 10HP 30 HP
Ball Breaker 1no x 2HP 2 HP
Vibrating Shaft 1no x 2HP 2 HP
Feed Conveyor 1no x 1HP 1 HP
Total 95 HP
Standard FLuid Bed Drier
Fluid Bed Drier with Twin Cyclones

Specifications and types

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