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Onsite Maintenance & Support Services

McCloy provide a comprehensive range of support services, not only for our own products but also for any make of fan or blower. We only employ qualified engineers who understand the construction principles of fan manufacture and design, giving them crucial experience when faultfinding and problem solving.

Our range of services includes:

  • Onsite Servicing & Repair Service
  • Installation inspection & Start Up Service
  • Fan Refurbishment
  • Performance Testing
  • Onsite Servicing & Repair Service

Depending on its application an industrial fan can have a life span of more than forty years, during which time numerous potential problems can occur. Dirt can collect in the impeller, for example, throwing the fan out of balance and the bearings and motor can fail. Should a fan unexpectedly break down, as well as the danger from critical failure of the rotating parts, there is also the additional cost associated with repair and lost production time.

Regular servicing and maintenance will prolong the life of a fan, whilst neglecting to maintain and service a fan on a regular basis will not only shorten its operational life, but could also lead to serious health and safety issues.

Here at McCloy we provide onsite servicing and repair to take care of any problems companies have with any type or make of fan. Regular onsite servicing and repair by our qualified engineers can help to detect and prevent faults, reducing the risk of breakdown and saving time and money, as well as maintaining and extending the life expectancy of your machine. Types of maintenance include impeller balancing, vibration analysis, cleaning, precision coupling alignment and replacement of bearings, drives, motors or any other parts that have been worn or damaged during use. Installation Inspection & Start-Up Service.

For peace of mind, our experienced engineers can visit your site and inspect the fan installation, check fixings and flange connections, clearances, alignment and lubrication prior to starting the fan. Once the fan is up and running, we can check vibration levels, bearing operating temperatures and various other parameters to ensure trouble free operation of the fan. In addition, our engineers can also instruct personnel on operating the fan, basic maintenance procedures and warning signs that indicate the beginning of a possible problem.

Fan Refurbishment

McCloy provide a full fan refurbishment service at our factory in Nairobi. Any make or type of existing fan can be completely refurbished by our experienced team of engineers, this enables customers to recycle and reuse their old fans when making plant modifications or simply restore the fans during a routine overhaul, prolonging their usual life. If a customer needs minimise downtime, we can also manufacture replacement parts at our factory and then have them fitted on-site by our Service team.

Performance Testing

To provide customers with an accurate measure of fan performance, we also offer a dedicated fan and system performance testing service. Flow rate, pressure and power characteristics are tested to help customers calculate system modifications more precisely and ensure that optimum performance is achieved from any modified system. The service also includes troubleshooting if your system is not performing to your specifications. Our engineers can assess the characteristics and quickly locate and diagnose any problem areas.

Specifications and types

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