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Radial Paddle Blade Fans

Radial paddle blade fans are designed to move “dirty” air, where the air stream may contain a high dust load, fibrous materials or solid particles. Typical applicationis include pneumatic conveying, textile machinery, solids handling and processing equipment. Although this design is less efficient than for instance, a fan with a backward bladed impeller, the radial paddle blade is the only type of fan capable of handling air laden with dust or larger particles.

Obviously large particles would simply damage a backward bladed impeller straight away. But if a backward bladed fan was used to convey dust, particles would collect on the impeller causing it to become imbalanced and vibrate with increasing ferocity until it shook itself to pieces ( Note: This applies to standard backward bladed fans; McCloy can manufacter specially desisgned backward bladed fans to handle dust and small particles).

Using a radial paddle blade design would solve all these problems. Due to its rugged construction the fan can easily withstand the impact of large solids and the self-cleaning blade configuration prevents the accumulation of residue on the impeller. The fan can be made from special materials to cope with operation in extreme environmental conditions or handle abrasive solids. Additional features are also available such as cutting-blades on the impeller, these are commonly used for cutting up paper or aluminium foil.


Specifications and types

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