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Centrifugal Fans

McCloy manufacture a wide range of centrifugal fans to suit any number of industrial applications. Whatever the requirement, be it high efficiency, low noise, clean air, handling light dust or large solid particles; a suitable centrifugal fan can be found from our range.

Centrifugal fan impeller designs produced by McCloy include: backward curved, backward aerofoil, forward curved, radial paddle blade and radial blade high pressure blowers. All the types of centrifugal fan that we manufacture are designed to meet each customers’ individual specification.

Our range of Centrifugal fans includes:

  • Backward Curved fan
  • Forward Curved Multi vane fans
  • Radial Paddle Blade fans
  • Radial Blade High Pressure Blowers

All the components and materials used in construction and assembly are of the highest quality to ensure many years of
reliable operation.

Specifications and types

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