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Belt Driven Axial Flow Fans

Belt driven axial fans are used in situations where it is important that the motor is kept out of the airstream due to the type or temperature of the gases/fumes involved. An additional advantage is the accessibility of the motor allowing easy maintenance.

Arrangement - Belt driven fans suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Construction - Long cased, the casing covers the entire length of the impeller, shaft bearings and belt pulleys positioned inside and the motor mounted outside.

Impellers: 315 – 1320mm diameter

Impellers have aerofoil variable pitch Aluminium blades fitted into a die-cast Aluminium hub. All sizes of impellers can be supplied with varying number of blades to suit the application. This has the effect of reducing the static capability of the fan whist retaining a high efficiency.

ExtraFeatures Available

  • Mounting Feet
  • Flexible Connections
  • Anti- Vibration Mountings
  • Mating Flanges


Specifications and types

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