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Axial Flow Fans

McCloy manufacture a wide range of Axial Flow Fans. From our direct driven axial fan, where the impeller is mounted on the motor shaft, to the belt driven axial fan, to our bifurcated fan range where the motor is completely isolated from the airstream. In addition to the standard fan designs, McCloy produce design axial fans to meet the clients specification. The broad range of axial fan designs available means we can manufacture a fan suitable for virtually any application.

Our range of Axial Flow Fans include:

  • Direct Driven Axial Fans
  • Belt Driven Axial Fans
  • Bifurcated Fans

All the components and materials used in construction and assembly are of the highest quality to ensure many years of reliable operation. Axial fans are suitable for large quantities of air at low pressures while producing very little noise. Compared with centrifugal fans the axial fans have the following advantages:

  • Lower Price.
  • The impeller has adjustable blades which make it possible to adapt the fan to the requirements of the plant.
  • Reduced space requirements.
  • Shorter ducts, thus lowering the cost of the system.

Specifications and types

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